Debra Azar

While studying spiritual psychology we did a creative exercise where we were given a sheet of paper with a heart and in the middle were the words “I Am.” I felt chills as I spontaneously filled in that page with more affirmations because I suddenly realized that who “I Am” is unlimited.
This sparked a habit of my declaring “I Am” statements throughout the day. I find that this simple prompt brings me back into the present moment, into the now — where the magic resides.
I thought I’d share with you who “I Am” today:

I am a deeply passionate, enthusiastic and loving being who is continually growing and learning.

I am a holistic coach and an actor. Through the years, I’ve been lucky enough to experience the gifts of some amazing teachers and directors in my life. It was their belief in me that allowed me to transcend moments of doubt and fear. Those teachers and directors taught me the strength and importance of believing in myself and to author my own story. Working as an actor, I understand the power and magnitude of the creative process. No matter how we define ourselves, I believe in our core we all deeply creative. We are all capable of authoring our own lives. I hold this vision at the center of my coaching approach.

I am here to assist people in stepping out of their old narratives, out of their comfort zones, and into their greatness. There is nothing quite like it, to see the light go on in another person’s eyes when they start to imagine a grander and truer vision for themselves. It is truly beautiful.

I am a spiritual and optimistic person with a great love for people and for the complexity of what it means to be here.

And so that is who “I Am.”


  • BA Humanities/Theater, USC–Cum Laude
  • Acted in many TV shows, films, commercials and on stage
  • Founded Underground Asylum – an LA based theater company
  • Founded And Action – a drama program for kids and teens designed to encourage creativity, self-expression and group collaboration
  • Tutored children and young adults (academia and in the arts) both individually and in small groups
  • Masters in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing – University of Santa Monica
  • Advanced Professional Coaching Program SCPC – USM
  • Certified in First Degree Reiki
  • Studied energy healing including Meditation, EFT and the work of Donna Eden

Oh, and I am a lover of quotes. Here’s one of my favorites:

“But what if I fall?  But oh, my darling, what if you fly?”Erin Hanson


After years of being in therapy and not seeing any real results I found Debra Azar. I was ready to make bold changes in my life and she gave me the tools to articulate and take action on my dreams. She helped me heal old wounds and open my heart to understand what I truly wanted – to be authentically myself. The compassion, kindness, and wealth of knowledge that she provides for her clients is exceptional.
Anyone would be lucky to work with her.Annie Hendy | Writer
I have gone through a decent amount of therapy in my life. I have found it useful, grabbing a few tools here and there. That was until I met, Debra Azar. Through coaching with her, she has taken me to new heights with her positive outlook on life and drawing such clear visuals with her words for me to use. These wisdom filled gems assist me in staying connected to the truest part of myself.
She continues to remind me that “sometimes life gives you a gift with the bow on the bottom”. In the time that I have worked with Debra, I feel like I have an entire box filled with fantastic tools to use in so many areas of life. Soon I will have an entire workshop of them!Nicole Sassaman | Designer
I could write pages about Debra and how special she is, but I will sum it up by simply saying that she is an angel, truly. Her kindness and love envelop you from the moment you walk in the door, making it easy to talk for hours. I started seeing Debra because I felt stuck in my career and in my relationship. Through my work with Debra, I have made radical shifts in my consciousness that have changed, and will forever change, the course of my life. I am eternally grateful to Debra for helping me listen to my inner voice that was begging me to leap into the place where the magic happens. A year ago I was letting life happen to me. Today I am fearlessly creating a blissful and abundant life. I wish the same for you.Amanda H. | Attorney
It has now been three years since I started meeting with Debra via skype as we are on different coasts. I remember when I first spoke with Debra and she asked me “what do you want?” And I replied “to be content.” At the time, I didn’t think that happiness was possible. I felt that if I could just be content it would be enough. The truth is that I didn’t believe that I could find or that I deserved happiness. Now three years later I have discovered the process of uncovering my authentic self. So many things have manifested that I never thought were in the cards for me. I met a man, fell in love and we’re now
getting married. I’ve learned how to handle my work stresses more appropriately, identify my ego when it’s activated, and let go when I begin to fall into a negative future fantasy of worrying all the time of what might go wrong. Debra has helped me not to live a new life, but to appreciate my own life and work towards awareness of what is “true”. I appreciate my continuing work with her because my curriculum is never finished. And that has brought me happiness.

Thank you Debra. I’m so grateful for you.Maren | Fashion Director for U.S. Retailer

Our family has known Debra Azar for over 10 years and counts her as a treasured member of our inner circle.

She has brought light, love, talent, skills and hope to us in countless ways. We first met Debra when she specialized in coaching young girls in acting and voice. Our older daughter is now an accomplished actress, with the ability to dig deep, be in touch with her authentic self and speak with her true voice.

Debra has the ability to clearly see people and connect with them on a personal level that elevates their day to day experience to enjoy life in an authentic way.

She radiates light and love!Krista Everage | Parent

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Debra. In our first session she imparted an experience that continues to shape my life in a profound way. Her intellect, insight, and intuition are gifts from God and she uses them marvelously. I am so grateful to have her in my corner as a coach. If you’re considering coaching services, rest assured she will have a meaningful and lasting impact on your life.

Thank you for all that you are Debra.James

Dear Debra,
I’m just grateful and blessed to have you in my life. It’s amazing how easy you make this work seem. What I know for sure is that when I walked into your office for the first time I was drowning in confusion and doubt. I was unclear what I needed to do to start my life on my own.

You helped me find my way and to a clear path to my strength, to myself and to love. The healing is fast and a liberation. I’ll be forever grateful to you for helping me get out of the dark space I was in. I celebrate you. You’re an angel.

Love, LiaLia C. | Actor / Director / Writer

Dear Debra,
Thank you very much for sharing your expertise in holistic coaching. I may have mentioned in one of our meetings that I truly feel ‘whole’ and more and more balanced after each time we meet. Thank you very much for showing me different techniques of self-discovery. Immediately, after our first session, I felt my heart was expanding with love and gratitude, and the feelings of hurt started diminishing. This new found compassion within has helped me to heal many old wounds.
A few people have told me that they noticed some big change in my eyes, and asked if I was doing anything different. I mentioned about me receiving holistic coaching with you, otherwise life routine was the same. At that moment I smiled with love and with the feeling of accomplishment, and of course with gratitude for you.
I would not have experienced that blissful moment without your professional help. I am going to end my note by sending lots of love to you.Z.D. | Director of Finance
Working with Debra has awakened me to a wise, loving and peaceful plain of existence. I feel much lighter now. I have learned many ways to calm and center myself, and lift myself up to that higher level of consciousness. My quality of life is much improved – needless to say I highly recommend Debra!E.E. | Artist / Actor